Cookie Sale 2019

2019 Cookie Dates:

Start taking Orders Feb 8th!

Last Day for Booth sales May 12th

Important Dates

Initial Order Begins 2/8
Initial Order Ends 3/9
March Booth Sales 3/8-3/24
Goal Getter Phase 3/10-5/17
Delivery 4/6-4/14
Booth Sales 4/5-5/12
Cookie Sale Ends 5/15

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Initial Order Cookie Pick-up - Volunteers Needed! Help Saturday, April 6th from 11:30am-1:30pm. Cadette or older plus troop leaders!  Location - Edith Macy, 

Williams & Hall Engineering lot, 550 Chappaqua Rd, Briarcliff Manor. If available to help, please email Samantha Mortlock.

Signup is available online for April/May cookie booths at the train station and during the FCC Barn Sale, see the Signup Genius. For all April/May booths, please enter your booth plans (as soon as you know them) in both the CGS Cookie Booth Scheduler google doc AND on ebudde (use "2018-19 Sales Season"/"Booth Sites"/"My Sales" for regular booths). And order your cookies through ebudde at least 5 days prior to your regular booth sale to ensure availability. Contact Joanne Brady for the cookie bins.