Veterans Day

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Chappaqua Girl Scout Recalls Project to Help Veterans
  from The Chappaqua Daily Voice Nov 11 2015

By Katie Katz 11/11/2015

(Below is an essay from Katie Katz, a Horace Greeley High School sophomore who has been with Troop 1021 since she was in kindergartner. Katz is going for her Girl Scout Gold Award)

I remember when I was about eight years old sitting on the floor of a Westorchard school hallway, listening to girls about five years older than me explain a project they were doing. It was for this troop, Troop 1021 Silver Award project. Their project was genius. To deliver bags of treats to Veterans in honor of their service. The delivery was timed perfectly for Veterans Day. This project has grown tremendously to now over 270 veterans!

What do the Girl Scouts do for this project? Each troop bakes treats, makes cards and assemble bags. On November 11th each troop goes door to door to their assigned veterans and receive smiles and a thank you. Just this simple deed can really make a veteran’s day.

Every year my troop (2319) gets together not only to assemble the bags for the veterans and but to make the packets for each troop. Each year, hours are spent gathering the addresses veterans, assigning veterans routes to each troop and answering dozens of thank you notes that come in.

This project has grown to 18 troops participating and to think this all started here in Chappaqua in 2007 and still going strong! Thank you so much veterans for all of your years of hard service. It does not go unnoticed. We are honored to do this project for you.

A Thank You to Our Veterans - By Two Chappaqua Girl Scouts  from the  Town of New Castle e-newsletter 11/06/15

As we quickly approach the autumn crisp air, Girl Scout troops throughout Chappaqua prepare to thank the veterans who fought for our county. Every November 11th, Girl Scouts of Chappaqua deliver baked goods and homemade cards to all two hundred and seventy plus veterans in New Castle.

Originally, this tradition started here in New Castle in 2007 by Troop 1021, who heard about it from the Ardsley community of Girl Scouts and decided to use the idea for their Silver Award. Since then the tradition has grown throughout Chappaqua with 18 Girl Scout Troops participating this year!

Delivering and thanking our veterans, these past years, has truly been an honoring and moving experience. We could tell how much these small tokens of gratitude meant to as much as it meant to us. It’s brought us closer together as a community as well. We’ve met countless of our neighbors and gotten to build relationships with them.

We often overlook thanking our veterans for their courage and loyalty to us and our country; however, our Girl Scout troops try to their best ability to thank and honor the heroes of our country.

Gaurav Aanand is a sophomore at Horace Greeley High School. She is also a Girl Scout with Troop 2319 and has gladly participated in the Veteran’s Day efforts over the past several years.